What is mediation?

In family law mediation, separating spouses work with a trained, neutral third party known as a mediator to reach an agreement on some or all of their family law issues. The mediator’s role is to listen to both sides of the story and, without bias, help the two of you discern your true interests, communicate with each other and creatively agree on a solution that will allow you to move forward. We work with several qualified, skilled mediators, and are able to recommend the right individual to work with you. One of Connect’s lawyers can be present with you, advising you throughout the mediation process.

Does your firm have certified mediators?

Four of our family lawyers, Leisha Murphy, Rebecca Stanley, Geeta Gill and Mark Chiu are also certified family mediators.  To learn more about retaining one of our mediators, click here or check out our new mediation website.

What is the difference between a lawyer and a mediator?

When you jointly retain a mediator, the mediator acts as a neutral third party in assisting with communication and negotiation, and as a lawyer-mediator, they can draft a separation agreement, but they cannot give either of you legal advice. The mediator can provide legal information as you walk through each issue, but you would be encouraged to each obtain independent legal advice (from a list of recommended lawyers) prior to signing a final agreement.

When you and your spouse both individually retain a lawyer, you have the option of attending mediation with a mediator outside of our office. Your individual lawyer will guide you through the mediation process and provide you with legal advice throughout the mediation process.

Why should I consider mediation?

Mediation offers many of the same advantages as collaborative family law: it is less expensive, and more efficient than going to court. As well, it is a private process, unlike court, which is public. It is voluntary and provides you and your separating spouse with the space to work together on creative solutions.

More about family law mediation

Where a neutral third party guides separating spouses to reach agreement. Some of our lawyers are training mediators.