Connect Community

Flexible solutions for those with limited financial means

Connect Community is an alternative way for clients of Connect Family Law to access family law legal services. Qualifying clients, who have limited financial means, can choose to work with one of our junior lawyers and paralegals. All work will be done on a fixed/flat fee basis and will be overseen by a senior lawyer of the firm.

Why did we start Connect Community?

One of our core values at Connect Family Law is to honour and elevate people and Connect Community is a way to do just that.

We see this as an opportunity to provide needed legal services to our community, while at the same time investing in the growth and education of our junior lawyers.

We believe in connecting our clients to a better future by doing family law differently. It is only through the stewardship of our senior lawyers will our junior lawyers learn that doing family law differently is possible and it is only by reaching out to our community will we change the way families move through separation and divorce. By improving and changing both sides of the equation (lawyers and clients), we can create better outcomes for families.

Who is the right fit?

The client that best suits Connect Community is:

– A person who has an income of \$40,000 per year or less or a household income of \$70,000 per year or less.
– A person with a relatively straightforward financial situation and/or uncomplicated parenting issues.

What services do we offer through Connect Community?

1. Preparing a basic Separation Agreement without children is \$2,200 plus taxes and disbursements and with children is \$2,500 plus taxes and disbursements. Terms of the Separation Agreement must be previously agreed to by the parties.

2. Drafting a desk order divorce without children is \$1,500 plus taxes and disbursements and with children is \$1,800 plus taxes and disbursements.

3. Assisting clients with specific tasks, such as drafting urgent court application materials or preparing for/attending mediation. Fixed fee to be determined upon discussion of the scope of work required.

4. Fixed fee for collaborative divorce services at \$3,000 plus tax for each spouse, which includes two (2) four-way meetings with spouses and their individual lawyers to discuss and resolve issues resulting from the breakdown of the relationship (including property division, parenting, child support and spousal support). Each meeting will be approximately 2-3 hours. Preparation and debrief between lawyers, as well as with each client, prior to and following each four-way meeting is included in this time frame. If a settlement is reached within the allotted time frame, the fee includes preparation and signing of a separation agreement.

How can I become a client?

Please contact Doris Nadan at or 778-395-0113 ext. 402. Doris will provide you with our Connect Community Intake Form and a list of required documents (for example, photo ID, Record of Employment (if applicable), T4 slip, Notice of Assessment). After the initial assessment, you will meet with a lawyer on our team for a free 30-minute consultation to confirm your eligibility and participation.