What is the fee for an initial consultation?

Our consultation fee is $275 plus taxes for a total of $308.

How long does the initial consultation last?

Initial consultations are typically scheduled for 1 hour. Additional time can be scheduled if required. During this hour, we go over your background, provide legal advice, process options and discuss next steps, so you are armed with information and a way forward at the end of that meeting.

What is a conflict check?

A conflict check is conducted by entering both your legal name and the legal name of your former spouse/opposing party in our system to ensure that our lawyers have not previously spoken with or dealt with your former spouse/opposing party. If there is a conflict, we will let you know what options are available for moving forward.

What are your lawyers’ hourly rates?

Our lawyers’ hourly rates range from $200/hour to $500/hour plus taxes, depending on the lawyer’s experience level.

How much is the retainer fee?

The retainer fee varies for each client based on his or her individual family law matter. Your lawyer will be able to provide a retainer quote at your initial consultation after speaking with you and assessing your needs.

More about our family law services

We support our clients in all the traditional areas of family law, including separation and divorce; property and debt division; child and spousal support; guardianship, parenting time and mobility; and cohabitation, marriage and separation agreements. How we offer that support, however, is anything but traditional. For more information, check out our services overview.

Family law services