I have an upcoming court date – can you take my file?

We make every effort to assist clients with their upcoming Court dates; however, it will depend on the nature of the upcoming hearing and whether our lawyers have capacity to get up to speed to properly represent you.

Can you assist with Provincial Court matters?

Yes, we assist with both Provincial and Supreme Court matters.

What is your fee for a Desk Order Divorce application or uncontested divorce?

Our quote for a desk order divorce application is $2,000.00 plus taxes, for a total of $2,240.00. At the initial consultation, we go over your marriage details to confirm that a simple Desk Order (uncontested) Divorce Application is applicable in your matter.

Do you offer contingency fee arrangements?

Our firm does not offer contingency fee arrangements. However, we do offer unbundled services. Please contact our office directly to see if unbundled services would be applicable to your family law matter.

More about family law litigation

Where a judge is asked to make the decision that some ex-spouses can’t.