We are a boutique family law firm with offices in Vancouver, Kelowna, Surrey and North Vancouver, supporting our clients in all areas of family law.

First and foremost, we are recognized legal experts in the broad application of family law, but we are also extremely passionate advocates for legal innovation.

We believe that clients should have choices: options that enhance their overall results and the experience to get them there. Lawyers are trained to resolve legal issues with an effective, but somewhat homogeneous approach to client relationships.

Through our years of experience, however, we have learned that clients want more choice in terms of how their legal issues are addressed. It’s this increasing gap between our clients’ problem and their desired solution that inspired us to create a new kind of law firm: one where we work with you to create a tailored approach to your unique family law needs, and one that connects you with a broad variety of supports and resources to improve your experience during the change in your family. See more about our approach.



“We believe that clients should have choices: options that enhance their overall results and the experience to get them there.”


Not all family law problems require the same solution. Some clients face complicated legal questions; others are dealing with more clear-cut or discrete family law issues. Some separating spouses can work together cooperatively; others can’t.

Connect strives to do family law differently. We believe that exceptional legal services extend beyond expertise to include a thoughtful, forward-thinking approach to human relationships. To learn more about us, our values and our commitments, click here.


Our innovative approach to the practice of family law is also reflected in the fact that we offer our clients more than just legal advice. Because many spouses going through separation or divorce have needs that extend beyond what our lawyers offer, we have developed an extensive professional network of business valuators, financial planners, tax specialists, divorce coaches, child specialists and parenting coordinators. With your input, we bring together a team who will provide you the financial and emotional support you need during this time of transition, allowing us to focus on your legal issues.

The community of support we offer extends beyond the professional to the personal. We invite our clients to attend our regular in-house “Divorce Salons”, which cover topics relating to separation and divorce. The Salons are limited to 15 people, and offer a chance to learn from the experts and connect with others going through similar experiences. To learn more about our Divorce Salons click here.