Video: What’s Up With That? Episode VII: Do Kids Have a Say about Parenting Schedules?

The wait is over. Episode VII of “What’s Up With That?” is now LIVE! Watch as Simon and Alex discuss whether children have a say about parenting schedules.

About Alex Boland

Partner – Kelowna

Alex is a lawyer with a genuine love for the practice of family law, which shows both in how he works and how he relates to his clients. He approaches everything he does with a unique blend of intelligence, integrity and compassion, taking his role as legal advocate to heart. Having seen firsthand how family law disputes can drain a client’s energy and resources, Alex believes one of his primary responsibilities is to minimize the stress and strain that can accompany separation and divorce. Because of his warm, approachable nature, and his thoughtful, client-centered perspective, he is well-suited to guide his clients through the sometimes difficult process of ending their relationship.