Simon Kent

Partner (Vancouver)
Simon Kent

Simon is a founding partner of Connect Family Law. He is also the founder of, and senior lawyer at, a leading Vancouver-based employment law firm, Kent Employment Law (KEL), a business he built (with help) from the ground up and that now has offices throughout British Columbia. Simon is a passionate, innovative entrepreneur who brings more than 20 years of legal and business experience to Connect Family Law. But he’s not a family law lawyer. 

What’s the connection?

Ironically, it was becoming a family law client that motivated Simon to start KEL as a sole practitioner many years ago. Newly separated and the father of two young children, Simon needed maximum work flexibility so that he could leave the office mid-afternoon to pick his kids up from school. Put bluntly, there might be no KEL today if not for Simon’s separation and divorce.

More importantly for Connect Family Law, Simon’s divorce gave him a better understanding of the challenges faced by many of those involved in the family law system. The isolation of separation; the rigid artificiality of a negotiated access schedule; the breathtakingly high legal bills; the seemingly endless court delays; the day-to-day worries while the process unfolds; and the overall anxiety about an uncertain future – to all of these, Simon can relate. 

An eternal optimist, however, Simon was determined to find the silver lining to his family law cloud. Over time, after speaking to family, friends and legal peers, he learned that his story was, sadly, not unique. He saw a need for change and an opportunity to use his own experience to help others. What was missing was the means to make it happen. Lucky for Simon, he met kindred spirit and family law lawyer Leisha Murphy, and the means he had been looking for emerged as they partnered to form Connect Family Law.

Built on the foundation of Simon’s business acumen and personal experiences and Leisha’s family law expertise, Connect is a new kind of family law firm, striving to “bridge the gaps” in the current system while at the same time offering the highest quality legal services. Learn more about how Connect is innovating in the field of family law.

Despite his interest and enthusiasm for family law, Simon’s role at Connect Family Law is strictly operational. After his many years of practice as an employment lawyer, he is smart enough to know that the family law work is best left to the experts, in this case, the other lawyers at Connect!