Alex Boland

Lawyer (Vancouver)
Alex Boland

Alex is a lawyer with a genuine love for the practice of family law, which shows both in how he works and how he relates to his clients. He approaches everything he does with a unique blend of intelligence, integrity and compassion, taking his role as legal advocate to heart. Having seen firsthand how family law disputes can drain a client’s energy and resources, Alex believes one of his primary responsibilities is to minimize the stress and strain that can accompany separation and divorce. Because of his warm, approachable nature, and his thoughtful, client-centered perspective, he is well-suited to guide his clients through the sometimes difficult process of ending their relationship. 

Alex supports families of all kinds along the full spectrum of family law issues, advising clients who are dealing with everything from complex property holdings in multiple jurisdictions to parental alienation.  Depending on the circumstances, Alex will help his clients resolve their family law issues through collaborative law, negotiation, mediation, or litigation – or a combination of these approaches when appropriate. 

Alex worked with Leisha previously at the law firm where they met, and so feels quite at home once again being her next-door office neighbour. In fact, a key motivator in his decision to join the Connect team was the opportunity to once again collaborate with Leisha, who shares his energy and enthusiasm for the work they do. Another draw for Alex was Connect’s fresh, integrated approach to family law, given his belief that his clients want choice and flexibility, not only for their legal issues, but also when it comes to the practical and emotional aspects of separation and divorce.

Alex shares the firm’s community-orientation, which is evident in his volunteer commitment to different local organizations. He is a board member of Word Vancouver (Western Canada’s largest celebration of literacy and reading) and provides legal advice to individuals and organizations in need through Access Pro Bono.

Alex also has a passion for most matters literary and typically has a crossword puzzle near at hand. He and his wife live with a twelve-pound tabby with very soft fur and a bad attitude. 

As for Alex’s credentials, it goes without saying that he is highly experienced and extremely skilled at what he does. Because his accomplishments are so impressive, however, we are going to say it anyway…

After graduating from law school and before starting work as a lawyer, Alex served as a law clerk at the British Columbia Supreme Court. His work there, assisting six judges craft their rulings, helped him develop superior legal research and writing skills and gave him invaluable insight into the court process.

On being called to the bar in British Columbia, Alex joined the family law group in the Vancouver office of Farris. It was there that he first worked with Leisha, and decided to focus exclusively on the practice of family law.

Complementing the experience he gained while clerking, Alex also has significant experience on the other side of the bench (so to speak), as he has appeared as legal counsel before the Provincial and Supreme Courts of British Columbia and the Federal and Supreme Court of Canada. His advocacy experience also includes representing clients in various alternative dispute resolution forums.