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We know when a marriage breaks down or there are issues relating to children or other family matters, it can be a very emotional time. The last thing you need is to feel you have nowhere to turn.

A Consultation with a Family Lawyer

At our initial consultation, you will meet with a family lawyer. They’ll listen to you to ensure that concerns and your goals are both understood. Then one of our lawyers will provide you with options on how those concerns can be alleviated and your goals achieved. They’ll also explain what you can expect from the process and answer any questions you may have.

This consultation also gives you the opportunity to ensure you are comfortable with Connect Family Law. And if you are, then we can talk about setting up a formal retainer at our hourly rates (which range from $185 to $400) and working with you to help you, and your family, through the process. At Connect Family Law, our focus is finding solutions that suit you, whether that be through negotiation, mediation, collaborative divorce or litigation.

Communications confidential

Whether you retain us or not, all communications are completely confidential.

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