In addition to advising clients on separation and divorce, we also support clients who are in the early stages of a relationship by creating agreements to deal with issues relating to money, property or debt that could arise should that relationship someday break down. If you decide to enter into a Cohabitation or Marriage Agreement with your partner, we will educate you on all possible outcomes and work with you to create an agreement that protects your interests and reflects your commitments and intentions.


While the process of creating a Cohabitation or Marriage Agreement can be uncomfortable, making decisions now about your financial obligations to each other and how you will divide your property/debt if your relationship ends creates financial certainty and reduces future stress.


While anyone seeking financial certainty will benefit from creating a Cohabitation or Marriage Agreement, these agreements can be particularly important for clients who are embarking on a second (or third) marriage, entering a relationship later in life, or who have significantly more assets than their partner. We invite you to contact us to explore whether a Cohabitation or Marriage Agreement is right for you.