Fixed Fee Collaborative Model

Connect is excited to introduce its latest initiative designed to offer families a choice in how they resolve their family law matters: the Fixed Fee Collaborative Model (A Pilot Project).

Under the Fixed Fee Collaborative Model, both spouses work together (and sometimes individually) with a team of expert advisers – two lawyers, two divorce coaches, and one financial professional – to address the legal, financial and emotional issues that result from separation and divorce. Both spouses know up-front exactly how much time and money they will spend resolving these issues because the hours and fees involved are fixed at the start of the process.

The goal of this collaborative process is to reach a settlement that both parties are satisfied with and that can be translated into a separation agreement.

About Leisha Murphy

Partner – Vancouver

Leisha takes a heart-forward approach to her practice. Her 10+ years of focusing exclusively on family law matters, coupled with her personal experience as a child of divorce, make her uniquely suited to assist clients through the transition that comes with the end of a relationship.