Kelowna continues to be one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada, according to census numbers released in early 2017. For those who live in the Okanagan, this likely comes as no surprise. Warm summers, glorious scenery, affordable housing, and short commutes – not to mention widespread job opportunities – make Kelowna a highly desirable place to put down roots.

Families are key to Kelowna’s growth.

As such, they need and deserve local resources that help them flourish alongside their community. Even families that are experiencing separation and divorce have the opportunity to thrive – so long as they are supported in a comprehensive, integrated way.

This means recognizing that separating spouses need more than just legal services. They need the support of a broader community of experts and peers to help them move forward. They also need choice about how their legal issues are solved, and by whom.

BC's Progressive Family Law Firm

As British Columbia’s progressive family law firm, Connect understands these needs and is committed to doing family law differently:

  1. We take a balanced approach to separation and divorce, tailoring our advice to suit your family’s unique situation.
  2. We provide clients with options for how their services are provided, and by whom. For example, we offer “unbundled” services when an alternative to the traditional “all-or-nothing” legal retainer is called for. And, where appropriate, our Designated Paralegal is able to conduct many aspects of a family law matter (under a lawyer’s supervision) at a lower hourly rate than our lawyers charge.
  3. We connect you with a community of support so that you are not alone as you move through and past your family law dispute. Familiar with the various local family-centered resources available in the Okanagan, we help you find the ones that fit.
  4. Because not every task during the life of a legal file needs to be completed by a lawyer, we also provide clients with options for not only how services are provided, but also by whom. 
  5. We believe in progress through change.

Given our shared values – growth, innovation, community and connection – Kelowna and Connect Family Law seem like a perfect fit. All BC families deserve choice in how their legal issues are solved and we look forward to sharing our commitment to “do law differently” with families in the Okanagan.

How We Help

We support our clients with all family law issues relating to separation and divorce, including:

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Who We Are

Lawyer F. Scott Murray leads our Kelowna office. His experience advising clients on family law issues of all kinds as well as his active involvement with local community organizations, make him the ideal choice to anchor our Okanagan practice. In keeping with Connect’s holistic approach to supporting its clients, Scott also provides estate planning advice, including preparing wills, powers of attorney and representation agreements.

Working alongside Scott is Crystal Hansen. A highly experienced family lawyer, Crystal’s work as Legal Advisor / Divorce Consultant exemplifies Connect’s key values as a progressive family law firm. Offering clients the opportunity to work with a different kind of divorce professional means that clients have choice in how they resolve their relationship issues.

Supporting both Scott and Crystal is Legal Assistant Johanna Strimas, aka the face of Kelowna Connect.

To find out how how our Kelowna team can help, contact us today.