Counselling & Coaching at Connect: A new tool for moving forward after separation

We know a separation can bring up varied emotions. One moment you may feel content with a new chapter of your life starting and the next moment you are diving into the depths of loss. Your thoughts can swing from feeling your kids will be fine and you will make your way financially, to deep concern about the well-being of your children and anxiety-filled worries about the viability of your current spending.

Knowing the challenges that accompany separation, one of the tools we now offer our clients to better navigate this time in their lives is a 1.5-hour counselling/coaching session with a highly regarded and experienced counsellor that specifically deals with separation and divorce. The session can be attended by you either in-person or via video conferencing. By partnering with Alyson Jones and Associates and Abby Petterson, our clients are able to avoid often long wait times to see a counsellor and can walk away from the session with concrete steps and skills to assist them through the separation process. If you find the session useful, you can continue (at your own cost) or stop at the one session we provide.  

Find out more by watching this video where we ask Alyson Jones questions about how counselling can help.

We care about our clients’ well-being throughout the process. In addition to the counselling/coaching session, we continue to provide our clients with vetted resources of other professionals, books and websites as well as host webinar and information sessions.

Finally (and most importantly), our lawyers and support staff (many of whom have experienced separation and divorce themselves) continue to take a thoughtful approach to human relationships. We understand that we are dealing with families that despite separating, are still tied together in many ways, including through memories, joint investments, children and pets.

We aim to move our clients through the process with integrity and respect. We do this by striving not only to be outstanding lawyers, but compassionate advisors (using processes such as collaborative divorce, mediation/arbitration and, as a last resort, court proceedings). Our lawyers and staff have weekly meetings, monthly study groups, attend courses, publish papers and give presentations. We do this to be at the top of our game for our clients.

Our lawyers at Connect Family Law continue to offer consultations and our services by videoconferencing and telephone to assist families in navigating these challenging issues.  Contact Us

About Leisha Murphy

Partner/Mediator – Vancouver

After being a family lawyer for over 13 years, coupled with my own personal experience with divorce, I have come to understand the difficult transition that comes with the end of a relationship. This experience has put me in the unique position of being able to provide clients with a clear picture of what is to come and how to plan for it. As well as provide clients with guidance and education on how to deal with the day-to-day realities of a separation.