Co-parenting during COVID

In April 2020, Connect lawyer and mediator Rebecca Stanley teamed up with divorce coach and registered clinical counsellor, Shelley Behr, to offer a virtual seminar on Co-parenting During COVID-19 on Zoom.  No one could have predicted that more than eight months later, parents would still be wrestling with how to manoeuvre the challenges of COVID while co-parenting after separation.  Since that time, judges have continued to encourage parents to follow the provincial health guidelines, as well as consider any unique needs of their children and households.  Check out our previous blogs on specific case results including the question of what to do when one parent wants to vaccinate his or her child against COVID, while the other parent does not.  

If you have some time over the coming weeks, take 90 minutes to view this Zoom webinar to gain self-care and co-parenting tips from Shelley Behr, as well as hear from Rebecca Stanley on relevant legal considerations. You are not alone during this challenging time.  

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About Rebecca Stanley

Lawyer/Mediator – Fraser Valley/Vancouver

The focus of my practice is to empower people as they navigate the unique stresses (and opportunities) that accompany significant life transitions. My clients have said that my calm, strength and wisdom provide a solid anchor in the sometimes stormy seas of separation and divorce. I feel fortunate to be part of the Connect team, a collective of legal professionals and staff who understand that it is a privilege to support families through times of challenge and transformation.