Terry Smy

Administrative Assistant
Terry Smy

Terry is the face of our Kelowna office. In her front-of-house role, her warmth and upbeat nature put our clients instantly at ease. Whether interacting with clients or coworkers, Terry is consistently thoughtful, generous, and more than willing to lend a hand.

As Administrative Assistant, Terry is also the hub for the various spokes of our Okanagan wheel. Her tireless energy and her ability to simultaneously support families, lawyers, colleagues and the general public – by phone, in-person, on-line and otherwise – makes us wonder what we ever did without her!

Not surprisingly, Terry boasts over a decade in office administration and customer service roles. Seemingly always in motion, Terry’s non-work activities include raising sons, running a marathon, and recently pursuing post-secondary education.

In her own words: Why Terry loves coming to work!