Shelley Minci

Finance Manager
Shelley Minci

Shelley’s pre-Connect worklife prepared her well for her current role as the firm’s bookkeeper and financial “hub”. Her most recent position was at Glory Juice, where she kept the books and managed payroll for this Vancouver company and its five cafés. Before that, Shelley spent nearly 10 years living and working in Las Vegas, where she was co-owner and operator of two independent jewelry retailers.

In her position at Connect, Shelley’s days are filled with payables, receivables, reconciliations, journals, ledgers, statements, returns and reports. Curious, quick-thinking, and solution-oriented, she’s just the person we want organizing and overseeing our revenues and expenses.

Always smiling and upbeat, Shelley brims with positive energy and an infectious “can-do” attitude. She also has just the right mix of tenacity and patience to ensure that things get done promptly, properly, and without any hurt feelings.

A Richmond BC native, Shelley is committed to healthy living. She eats well, works out regularly, and straps on some old-school roller skates whenever she can. She’s also a 5-star baker, as those of us lucky enough to sample her delicious (gluten-free!) cookies can attest.

In her own words: She finds something positive about every  job she has had, though it was tough to find something positive about the job she had when she was 15. Find out what it was!