Milena Scekic

Lawyer (Vancouver)
Milena Scekic

Milena knows first-hand what the experience of separation can be like for families. Although disruptive to a way of life built over many years, the breakdown of her parents’ marriage taught her that peaceful resolution even to grave conflicts is possible.

Milena’s interest in conflict resolution was first piqued during her undergraduate studies, where learning about humanitarian intervention and assorted world issues helped her realize her drive to understand what leads people to conflict and, equally, what helps them find peace. This interest was further honed during law school, where family law gave Milena insight into some of the salient issues that define family life, as well as the legal framework that helps families navigate their rights and responsibilities in safeguarding their children’s best interests.

For Milena, family law is about supporting families through not only the vulnerable and tumultuous moments in their lives, but also the joyful ones, the fresh starts. The powerful example of her parents’ divorce now helps guide Milena’s approach to family law, where there is always a reason to consider the other side, and work to find lasting solutions that preserve the health and well-being of the whole family. She views separation not as an ending, but as an opportunity to carve out a new trajectory.

In her free time, Milena can most often be found exploring the lush forests of Vancouver or reading highly tragic classic Russian literature.