Michelle R. Adams

Lawyer (Vancouver)
Michelle R. Adams

Michelle has been practising law, focusing exclusively on family law, for more than 10 years and has represented clients from a range of sectors, often involving complex financial issues such as income determination, business valuation, and corporate and third-party interests. She helps clients in negotiating and preparing cohabitation, marriage and separation agreements and represents clients in matters relating to the division of assets, child and spousal support, and custody, guardianship, and parenting time.

Michelle has experience at all levels of court in British Columbia. But she also helps clients resolve their differences outside of court, through alternate dispute resolution, including mediation and is a trained collaborative lawyer.

Michelle makes a point of  being readily accessible for her clients and believes  it is imperative to invest time to understand her clients’ needs to determine what course of action is necessary to accomplish the best possible result. Whether the matter is straightforward or complex, she clearly and fully explains the available options, and gives her clients the power to make well-informed choices. 

Before becoming a lawyer, Michelle worked at Sage House, an 18-bed transition house, assisting and supporting women and children fleeing abusive situations.