Mahshid Hoseini

Lawyer (Vancouver)
Mahshid Hoseini

Mahshid is a compassionate and caring individual who has a genuine desire to work closely with clients and to build positive and meaningful relationships. 

Mahshid's interest in family law began when she took her first family law course at the University of Victoria where she attended law school. It was while completing her articles with a family law practitioner in Vancouver that Mahshid learned that the practice of family law requires not only legal expertise and knowledge, but also a clear understanding of the psychological and social implications that accompany separation and divorce. She also gained extensive practical experience by working closely with her principal on complex family law disputes. 

During her articles, Mahshid had the opportunity to assist a former British Columbia Supreme Court Justice with preparing for and attending mediations. It was through this experience that Mahshid learned how to provide effective and creative solutions to help clients reach fair and amicable resolutions outside of court. 

Although Mahshid understands the necessity of going to court in some cases, her goal is to establish a practice that focuses primarily on alternative dispute resolution, which is often faster and more cost effective than litigation, and puts the clients in control. That said, whether it's through advocating for clients in court or resolving disputes through alternative methods, Mahshid is committed to helping clients understand their legal position so that they can make informed decisions that allow them to move forward with their lives. 

In her leisure time, you can find Mahshid outdoors in the mountains, exploring new cultures through travelling, and visiting as many coffee shops as possible on her mission to find the best coffee in Vancouver. Mahshid is also an executive member of the Canadian Bar Association's Vancouver family law section.