Gurkirat Singh Dhillon

Lawyer (Surrey)
Gurkirat Singh Dhillon

Gurkirat is curious, thoughtful and client-centred. When he meets with a new client, his goal is to both reassure and unburden them, lightening the load that brought them into his office in the first place.  

His decision to provide support to those going through separation and divorce grew out of his own family experiences. A strong believer in the importance of “family” – in whatever form that takes – as a social unit, Gurkirat truly values his relationships with his own family members. In his work as a family lawyer, he strives to be a source of calm and stability, helping ease his clients’ transition from one form of “family” to another.

A member of the Law Society of BC, Gurkirat is originally from India where he was called to the bar and practiced law prior to moving to Canada. Before pursuing his law degree, he completed his MBA and worked for both a FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) company and a multinational bank. While his formal education may have ended, Gurkirat maintains a strong love of learning, evident in his desire to spend his free time studying geography and climatology.  

Gurkirat is also multilingual, fully fluent in English, Punjabi and Hindi and able to converse in Urdu. He is the anchor for our Surrey office and looks forward to connecting with this vibrant Lower Mainland community.