Crystal Hansen

Divorce Consultant
Crystal Hansen

One of our core beliefs as a firm is that clients deserve choice when it comes to their family law needs. This belief underlies two of our primary commitments to our clients:  to help you find the right fit for your family and to connect you with a broad community of support.

One way we fulfill those commitments is by acknowledging that for some people, the thought of speaking with a family lawyer can be a bit overwhelming. We also understand that not all relationship problems end in divorce. 

For spouses who are experiencing relationship issues but aren’t sure whether they want or need to speak to a lawyer, we offer the option of meeting with our divorce consultant, Crystal Hansen. Highly empathetic, attentive and a clear thinker, Crystal helps clients sort through their relationship issues and make decisions about the future. She takes an exploratory, open-ended approach to the relationship conversation, allowing spouses to get clear on where they’re at and what they want. 

Neither a lawyer nor a counsellor, Crystal falls somewhere in the middle. Having practiced family law previously, she has a deep understanding of the legal issues and processes involved in separation and divorce. She also has the “soft skills” to make clients feel instantly at ease and lessen their emotional burden, while simultaneously keeping them future- and solution-focused. 

Crystal also works with individuals who have made the decision to separate, but want to educate themselves about the divorce process so that they can work with their family lawyer in the most efficient and productive way possible. Crystal is able to support these clients in creating a divorce plan, which can include establishing goals and a budget, and organizing all the information and documents they will need to share with their lawyer and spouse. In this way, her consultation services are an invaluable complement to the work done by Connect’s lawyers. 

Put simply, Crystal exemplifies Connect’s key values as a progressive family law firm. Offering clients the opportunity to work with a divorce consultant is one of the various ways we provide people with access to support and choice in how they resolve their relationship issues. It’s one more example of our promise to do law differently.

Crystal resides in Kelowna and works with clients located throughout British Columbia. For clients who live outside of Kelowna, Crystal is available to meet via Skype.