Cori Molloy

Lawyer (Kelowna)
Cori Molloy

Cori understands that at the heart of every family law matter is just that: a family.  Because of this, she stays mindful of the needs of those most affected while advising her clients on the myriad legal issues that accompany separation and divorce.  Calm, open and non-judgmental, Cori helps you move through the process with integrity and independence, equipping you with the tools you need to enter the next phase of your life in the best possible position.  

The daughter of a lawyer-negotiator and a social worker, it’s almost as if Cori was born to be a family law lawyer. This pedigree, along with her own personal divorce experience, has resulted in a holistic and practical perspective on family transitions. Cori knows that the ideal resolution to your family law matter involves more than avoiding a long court battle; accessing the resources of other professionals such as financial planners and parenting coaches can be invaluable both now and for your future.

Born and raised on the prairies, Cori began her career working with an accomplished family law practitioner who is now a judge with the Family Law Division of Saskatchewan’s Court of Queens’ Bench.  She also completed a short-term court clerkship in Saskatoon, where she benefitted from a behind-the-bench view of judges’ decision-making process.  With previous experience practising corporate and commercial law and as a business owner, Cori brings a truly well-rounded viewpoint to her work at Connect and is able to add particular value to clients whose assets include property or business interests.

In her free time, you’ll find Cori spending as much time as possible outside hiking, biking or simply enjoying one of BC’s beautiful beaches.  A lover of good food, she enjoys trying new restaurants and cuisines.  Cori also likes to sample new yoga or fitness classes and is a strong believer that meditation and a calm mind are crucial in managing stress – which can be essential on both sides of the desk in a family law practice.