ZOOM Webinar: Calculating Income for Child and Spousal Support

December 1, 2020 12:15 PM

The Webinar

As family lawyers, we often face the issue of how to determine a spouse's income for child and spousal support when the spouse is self-employed or the majority shareholder in a business.

Join this 45-minute webinar to hear from chartered accountant and chartered business valuator, Kiu Ghanavizchian as well as Connect Family Law co-founder Leisha Murphy and lawyer Michelle R. Adams, as they discuss both practical and legal issues facing the determination of income under the Federal Child Support Guidelines.

There will be time for questions.

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This webinar is designed to be confidential, so we will ask participants to sign a brief confidentiality document before the event. We will also complete a conflict check at the time of registration to rule out any possible conflicts of interest.

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About the Presenters

Kiu Ghanavizchian is a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Business valuator who regularly prepares business valuation and Guideline Income reports in the context of family law matters. To learn more about Kiu and the work he does visit his company's website here.

Leisha Murphy is a lawyer and co-founder of Connect Family Law. To learn more about Leisha and her approach to family law, click here.  

Michelle R. Adams is a lawyer with Connect Family Law. To learn more about Michelle, click here.

ZOOM can be downloaded on your desktop or phone: https://zoom.us/

Date & Time

12:15 pm
1:00 pm
December 1, 2020


Via Zoom

Zoom can be downloaded on your desktop or phone: https://zoom.us/

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