Provisioning for the Journey through Divorce - Kelowna

February 20, 2018 6:00 PM

Provisioning for the Journey

Connect Family Law invites you to be a part of its ongoing Divorce Salons, a resource for individuals dealing with separation or divorce. Combining the best of a speaker series and a meet-up group, our Divorce Salons offer participants both a learning opportunity and the chance to connect with others who are going through similar experiences.

For our February 20th Salon in Kelowna, we are pleased to welcome Therapist, Child Specialist and Divorce Coach Sharla Schofield, RCC, RCSW.

As with any challenging journey, the key to success lies in the preparation and provisioning.  To build a strong infrastructure for your post-divorce life, you need to identify your own goals and values and create a plan that moves you towards your vision.  During this workshop, Sharla will introduce four tasks designed to support participants along their journey and forge positive outcomes:

  1. Establish individual and community support resources and networks.
  2. Develop your communication and conflict management strategies.
  3. Enhance your emotional resiliency and capacity for managing stress and change.
  4. Develop a full range of parenting skills to use on your own and when co-parenting.

Light refreshments will be served.


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About Sharla

Sharla brings more than three decades of experience to her work with children and families. A member of the Okanagan Collaborative Law Family Group, Sharla acts as both a child specialist/advocate and divorce coach. She has worked in a wide variety of settings, including community agencies, mental health, hospitals and schools, and completed extensive training in anxiety, depression, trauma, couples and family therapy, child development and parenting.

As Divorce Salon discussions are designed to be confidential, we will ask participants to sign a brief confidentiality document before the event. We will also complete a conflict check at the time of registration to rule out any possible conflicts of interest.

Salon events are limited to 15 participants. 

Date & Time

6:00 pm
7:30 pm
February 20, 2018


312 – 1708 Dolphin Avenue

Kelowna BC V1Y 9S4

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