North Vancouver

While Vancouver may be right next door, we believe that families living on the North Shore need and deserve their own local resources that help them flourish alongside their community.

Even families that are experiencing separation and divorce have the opportunity to thrive – so long as they are supported in a comprehensive, integrated way. This means recognizing that separating spouses need more than just legal services. They need the support of a broader community of experts and peers to help them move forward. They also need choice about how their legal issues are solved, and by whom.

BC's Progressive Family Law Firm

As British Columbia’s progressive family law firm, Connect understands these needs and is committed to doing family law differently:

Given our shared values – growth, community and connection – North Vancouver and Connect Family Law seem like a perfect fit. All BC families deserve choice in how their legal issues are solved and we look forward to sharing our commitment to “do law differently” with families on the North Shore.

How We Help

We support our clients with all family law issues relating to separation and divorce, including:

Who We Are

Our North Vancouver team comprises a dynamic, experienced group of legal professionals and support staff. Meet and learn more about them by clicking on the links below:

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