Certified Family Mediators

Certified Family Mediators

Connect has again expanded its client service options by adding another Certified Family Mediator to its team. Now you can retain lawyer Geeta Gill as well as Rebecca Stanley to act as a mediator to assist you by:

 1.       Working together with you and your separating spouse, to resolve both practical and legal issues related to parenting, support and division of property and debt, referring each of you back to your own individual lawyers for independent legal advice throughout the process. This process takes approximately two to six sessions;

2.       Mediating one or two discrete issues that you aren’t able to resolve on your own;

3.       Mediating a five-way meeting among you, your separating spouse and your respective lawyers to work on any outstanding issues. These meetings generally last one or two days; or

4.      Mediating several issues or a discrete issue pertaining to a cohabitation agreement or marriage agreement (also known as a “pre-nup”) that you and your current partner wish to enter into.

By definition, a mediator is “one who goes between”, guiding the process and facilitating discussion while you and your former spouse jointly resolve your concerns. Both Rebecca and Geeta take great care in creating a private and supportive setting to help you reach an outcome that best satisfies everyone.  They are committed to providing a structure for difficult conversations and caring, and impartial attentiveness to both spouses as you work to figure out how to forge a path forward.  Their practice is to establish a safe, healthy environment where you and your separating spouse can communicate face-to-face so that agreements reached are durable and long-lasting. Where necessary and appropriate, however, they may conduct the mediation by "shuttling" between rooms, meeting with each of you separately.

If you choose to jointly retain Rebecca or Geeta as a mediator, their hourly rate is typically shared equally between the two of you, unless you agree differently, making mediation a very affordable option.

To learn more about our mediation services, contact us by phone or email.  If mediation seems like the right fit for your family, we will schedule an initial meeting with the mediator of your choice.