Year in Review: Kelowna 2017

December 5, 2017

The recent snowfall here in Kelowna inspired an early start to this season of reflection.  For Connect, the end of 2017 is particularly meaningful as it marks the approach of the first anniversary of our joining this vibrant Okanagan community. 

Our first year’s journey has been extremely rewarding and we look forward to continuing to support local families for many years to come.  Before we say goodbye to 2017, we wanted to share some highlights from the past 11 months:

We expanded our team.

When our doors opened in January, I was all by my lonesome, holding down the fort both legally and administratively. Since then, to the great delight of both myself and our clients, our Kelowna team has grown exponentially to include:

We connected with our community.

Through our in-house Divorce Salons, leadership and participation in local events and organizations, and informal lunches and coffee chats, we made it a priority to immerse ourselves in our community.  We collaborated with and learned from our clients and others going through family transitions, non-legal professionals with family-related expertise, and thought leaders in the field of separation and divorce.

We engaged with our peers.

We owe special thanks to our colleagues in the Okanagan legal community who engaged with us actively and generously during this first year – through their curiosity about our approach and philosophy and their encouraging words, and by connect-ing us with many of our wonderful clients.  We are gratified to have earned the trust and respect of our peers.

We served the best clients.

Looking back on our first year, we feel safe in saying that we have the very best family law clients in the Okanagan and feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to help each and every one of them.

Here’s to 2018 – we can’t wait to see what Year Two will bring!