Wills: Protecting Your Interests

April 7, 2017

As our firm name suggests, families are at the heart of what we do at Connect.

While separation and divorce are a major focus of our work, we also offer legal services that complement the financial aspects of our family law practice. For Okanagan clients wanting support with long-term financial planning, Scott Murray in our Kelowna office is available to assist on a wide variety of estates issues.

Today, we share the first in a 3-part series of blog posts on the what, why and who of our estates offering when it comes to wills:


Whether you are entering a relationship or ending one, we help with the financial planning that flows from this significant life event. In addition to advising separating spouses on their immediate financial rights and obligations, we can provide longer term estate planning advice and prepare a comprehensive will that accurately reflects your intentions for the future.


For most separating or divorcing parents, the continued financial well-being of your children or other dependents is a key concern. Any financial planning for your family, however, is incomplete if you don’t consider what will happen after you’re gone. 

A properly-drafted will is essential to this planning as it ensures that your property and other assets are distributed as you intended. It can also help minimize (and ideally eliminate) conflict among your family members following your death.


Everyone should have a will, regardless of the nature of their estate.  If you have financial dependents or preferences about who should inherit your property, it is particularly important to have a valid will in place – if you die intestate (i.e. without a will), your assets will be distributed according to the rules set out in British Columbia’s Wills, Estates and Succession Act.

Whether or not you are dealing with a family law matter, we will work with you to protect your interests and make sure that your wishes are carried out.